Welcome to my Western Window Systems photography and video portfolio. Founded in Phoenix in 1959, Western Window Systems designs and manufactures high-end, modern door and window systems that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together.

As Western Window Systems’ only staff photographer and videographer, I work under the guidance of a marketing director and in coordination with a small, in-house team of creatives. Our team produces all marketing and communications content including the company’s websites, internal and external emails, print advertising, sales collateral, and more. My involvement in such projects can be viewed via the sliding galleries below. My freelance portfolios can be viewed using the navigation on the left.

 Beyond working with my immediate team, I’ve worked side by side every internal department to visually represent the company’s products, identity, and culture. In addition, I’ve partnered externally with architects, dealers, builders, and homeowners to create promotional content that serves as the bulk of the company’s visual marketing material. 

I was brought on to the Western Window Systems’ marketing team in the Summer of 2014 during an exciting time of company growth. Since then, the company has only continued to excel, increasing sales by 270 percent in the past three years and producing over $65 M of revenue in 2015. Now with over 300 employees, Western Window Systems has invested in a new 170,000-square-foot production and office facility which will serve as the company’s headquarters by Spring of 2017.


In Print: Editorial Advertising and Sales Brochures


Product on Location


Design / Live Better Video Campaigns


Identity and Culture


Product in Studio


Leadership and Employee Portraits


Culture Video and Installation Certification Program Promo


News, Press and Internal Communications


Sales Team Headshots


Company Events


Company Relocation Video Promos